How to setup a customizable countdown widget on your website

A shared countdown timer can be fun while looking forward to event or ocassion. Several websites now provide free and easy-to-use utilities for creating these countdown timers. provides the most customizable countdown timers that are also easy to share via a simple URL.

In addition to counting down on their website, SocialCountdown also provides a way for you to embed your countdown timer on your website or blog in the form of a widget, complete with the background image you uploaded on SocialCountdown while creating the countdown.

To get the unique widget code needed to embed a countdown on your website, click the Share button on any timer and then copy the displayed code.
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For example, the following code:

<div class="socialcountdown-widget" data-timerid="7c2f62dc-8eba-4ff8-944c-1d7e2b5a1579"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Created the widgets below:

You are not limited to embedding countdowns you created, just click the Share button to get the widget code for any public countdown.

Widget size

Widgets are displayed in regular size by default. To create a small widget, include a data-size attribute with the value small as shown in the example below:

<div class="socialcountdown-widget" data-timerid="7c2f62dc-8eba-4ff8-944c-1d7e2b5a1579" data-size="small"></div>
<div class="socialcountdown-widget" data-timerid="be1886cb-92a7-4aa1-8d5f-203db92ce5c1" data-size="small"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

SocialCountdown Wordpress Plugin

SocialCountdown Wordpress plugin provides an easy way to integrate an existing SocialCountdown timer into a Wordpress webpage.

Visit the wordpress plugin page.

Or the project page on Wordpress.